THRIVEのダイエットとは/What Is THRIVE diet?





It's so hard to explain what I offer here at THRIVE, dieting classrooms because I cannot put it in one word.

To make it really simple, it's about dieting (food) and way of thinking. This way of thinking part is complicated to explain as well as the dieting part, which I want to inform my students stage by stage instead of giving them all the information at once.

Why I don't want to give all the information at once is because it makes it harder for students to realize whatever they should realize. They realize much better when they look back their actions as I give them advice based on my experience.

There are not too many times we truly understand something. Many times we think we understand and even say we understand, but as a result, we may not really take notice. But once in a while, we truly understand something. Enlightenment almost. That's a big chance. And I want to make those chances as many times as possible. That's what I think when I teach my students.