I accidentally saw a TV show called "News na Futari" hosted by two members of idol group NEWS, the biggest Japanese boy idol agency Johnny's group. I never knew there were some members with quite a good journalistic point of view in NEWS, and the themes the show features seem to focus on minority groups in Japan so it was quite interesting. Shigeaki Kato, one of the NEWS group members on the show, also writes novels that is also surprising. I happened to had a conversation with my friend, who is an author and script writer for movies and others about how it's hard for her to motivate to start writing a novel when she has different deadlines. So Shigeaki must be very strict with himself partially because he writes novels as he works as an entertainer in an idol group.

What I watched was about LGBT. There were some guests who are so called sexual minorities or have gender identity disorders. They talked about what kind of struggles they've had, or how they came out about them to their parents. Very personal stories. I spent my college years in the U.S. so  there were more people coming out and I had a friend who was gay too. I imagine it's hard to come out who you are in Japan now and I hope we will have a society where people are accepted as they are. I also feel the system isn't quite up to date. For example, you would have to undergo sex reassignment surgeries if you want to change your sex registration, but I've for some time wondered if it was really necessary. Things change always. Our system should be changed accordingly as time passes.