THRIVE is a dieting classroom in Nippori, Tokyo, offering unique guidance on food and training in conscious living. 


Life is a series of choices: “What should I eat?” “How should I act?” “What kind of life do I want to lead?” THRIVE can help you make better choices by training your thought patterns through regular dialog. Our classes are based on the Mia Method used at the Shibuya dieting classroom SlimClub—in fact, I am a certified SlimClub Master. 


Each lesson at THRIVE begins with participants checking their weight, body fat, and clothing size. This is followed by nutritional study from the Mia Method textbooks. Finally, the lesson ends with a dialog session reviewing the previous week.


Group lessons are kept small, with a maximum of five students per class. For students who want more privacy—or simply longer, more involved dialog—private lessons are also available, generally on a one-on-one basis. THRIVE also offers lessons over Skype for students living elsewhere in Japan or overseas.


English lessons can also be provided, as I have many years of experience using that language in professional settings. Both English-speaking residents and temporary visitors to Japan are welcome. If you are based overseas but have plans to visit Japan on business or pleasure, you may wish to arrange a course of Skype lessons that includes a few in-person classes while you are in the country. We welcome inquiries, so please feel free to contact us!


(If you prefer English lessons, you may not be as familiar with the Japanese ingredients covered in the textbook. If so, we can include additional guidance on preparation methods as well.)


Above all, the dialog sessions at THRIVE are designed to train you to be conscious of your decisions and help you make the choices that will keep you from gaining weight—not just while you are attending THRIVE, but well into the future.


If you want to change who you are right now—to think together about what it means to truly value yourself—then THRIVE is for you.


I've also had feedback about where to buy decent food based on each one's dieting. Some are vegans, some are vegetarians. And it's not easy to be one of them in Japan if you don't speak the language. I would like to be help of those who want to know better about how to be healthy and how to eat good while in Japan. Personal concierge services are provided. First, please ask me through the inquiry form.


Yu Wada-Dimmer, SlimClub Master

Founder, THRIVE



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