To Do List



 まず、その日、しなければならないことを優先順位をつけて箇条書きします。いわゆるTo Do Listですね。





I am done with one project yesterday. This was the second year for me to work with the client and he expressed his gratitude for me so I think it's a sign he was happy with my performance. I am humble and honored too.

Now I have a TV project coming up right away. There is another project simultaneously going on as well. It makes me nervous because I know there is so much ahead of me to take care. So what I do is writing everything I need to do on a piece of paper. This year, I use a big planner from Hobonichi. It's big and heavy but it's hard to see all plans on a tiny screen on my cell phone and I don't really go out to work so I decided to use this heavy planner this year, which turned out to work out for me.

I write down everything I need to do that day with priority. To Do List so called.

When I'm done with an item, I cross it out. I make it visually achieved.

If I haven't finished by the end of the day, I write it on the next page so that I can take care of it next day.

I write down things like "going to bank" or "calling my child's school." Everything I have to do should be written. I don't have a long-term memory so when I know I have to do something, I write it immediately and prioritize it.

I put my plans on my cell phone because I have to check my schedule when I'm out, but it's important for me to write things down in order of priority.