トランス脂肪酸/ Trans-Fatty Acids







Many have heard of trans-fatty acids. But I don't think there is a proper awareness about its risks among the people in Japan. Quoted from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's website, trans-fatty acids are "a kind of fatty acids that are a component of lipid. It occurs when processing vegetable oil to make margarine or shortening, or when heating up vegetable oil very hot to deodorize." and by intaking it, it is said you would get more LDL cholesterol risking to have heart diseases. US announced a plan to ban trans-fatty acids for industry produced foods a few years ago and it is going to be implemented from next month.

Trans-fatty acids include shortening, margarine, modified fat, and fat spread. You see one of them as an ingredient in cheap snacks in Japan most of the times because they are cheap to use and give a nice texture. There is natural trans-fatty acid in butter too, but since it doesn't contain trans-fatty acids much so people say it should be fine if you don't take too much.

WHO announced on May 14 that it plans to eliminate industrially-produced trans-fatty acids from global food supply. It means a lot in Japan because MHLW considers an impact of trans-fatty acids on Japanese isn't much due to a small number of intake on average. Currently WHO recommends that the total trans fat intake be limited to less than 1% of energy intake while the average Japanese trans fat acid intake is 0.3%. I am wondering if the figure is up to date because I see so many products with trans-fatty acids. There are not so many people around me talking about it so raising an awareness is needed. I hope this WHO release will help people realize the global trend of cutting/ reducing intake of trans-fatty acids.

I think there is a reason for a price. Why are cheap things cheap? If you make cookies, you should know how much you need butter. Butter is not cheap. The why are those industrial products so cheap? I also bake bread from raison yeast. If I leave my bread for a day, it gets hard. Why are bread sold in a super market so soft for days?

When you think about that, you know how important whole foods are. I want to buy whole foods, not processed foods so that I know for sure how it is processed.

So I'd like to write about products I use from tomorrow.