Factcheck. It's important especially in the times of this age when people can post anything without getting factcheck.

As someone in the mass media for two decades now, even though I don't consider myself to be a "journalist," I always try to double-check and triple-check of what I see.

The other day, a correspondent of a major Japanese newspaper company tweeted something. It got my attention. I wanted to read what the story was about instead of just watching a short video with some captions. So I went to an English newspaper site to read more about it.

It turned out to be that it was false news. Someone made it as if it just happened (it was about BlackLivesMatter). If you spend five minutes to read more resources especially written in English since it happened in the States, you will know. He didn't. I pointed it out to him on twitter.

He just deleted his tweet saying "apparently it was not the current news but happened some years ago." He didn't mention my tweet (and since he deleted his original tweet so of course my tweet was gone). That makes me think what journalism is in Japan.

So you are a correspondent and influential. You retweet something without getting factcheck.


No wonder where we are in the sake of journalism, in this tiny island that many only care about information in Japanese.