Lunch 070920

Today's lunch

Organic brown rice, natto with shiso herbal leaves, summer veggie shimmering.

I usually eat more natto but recently I have an experiment eating more brown rice since I sometimes have constipation. I used to have good regular bowel movements but as I lost weight, I don't eat as much anymore and in the past year, I've find myself with constipation time to time.

I've tried different things but when I had a good amount of brown rice the other day, I had my bowels move. So I wonder if brown rice really helps it. I know brown rice has a lot of fibers but my question is if it brings other advantages as well.

I get veggies from the farmer. So I usually have no choice about what we get because he sends me what's harvested. So in summer, we get a load of zucchinis and eggplants despite the fact our children do not like zucchinis.

I try different dishes of zucchinis. Today, since I wanted to finally shave my own katsuobushi (dried bonito) with a kezuriki (shaving tool) for the first time in a year, I decided to make it Japanese way.

1) Put some water with shaved katsuobushi flakes and boil it.

2) Fry zucchini and eggplant with garlic while throwing cut potatoes in to the pot with 1).

3) Once 2) is cooked well, throw 2) in to pot 1). I added sautéed onions I had in the fridge as well.

4) Put some shiro dashi in 3). Done.

The reason why I fry 2) is because I knew it'd be too plain with only veggies. I wanted to have some rich, oily flavor too. I didn't have age bean curds, so instead, I made some oil friendly veggies soaked in oil.

And I love relish. I made a collection of relish yesterday-- shirasu baby fish, garlic, ginger, sesames, and shiso-- so I mix natto with the relish in addition to some dried hijiki furikake. It was all good. Gochisosamadeshita.



onions, and potatoes.