Last Month Of The Year

 信じられますか? もう12月になってしまいました。今年はコロナで日常がひっくり返り、わたしも家族の世話をしっぱなしで時間がどこかに行ってしまったように感じます。





Can you believe that it's already December today. Since the pandemic occurred, our lives turned over. I feel like I lost some time completely while taking care of the family.

Let me look back this year since it's the last month of this year. I would have had interesting filming projects since it would've been an Olympics year for us, but obviously, all overseas projects since April have been canceled. In return, though, it brought me more time to focus on body. I think I finally recognized the ways of myofascial releases. I was excusing I was busy and wouldn't work out on my own much. Of course it didn't make my body any different in the hindsight. I couldn't say I understand it well, but it definitely changed my way of understanding the method since I had more time.

I was so stressed out when I had the whole family for three months since I would need to watch my children in online classes, feeding them three times a day, and keeping the house clean to some extent. I had so many fights with my older daughter.


Now thinking what I want to accomplish next year. I want to continue to take Keiko sensei's training sessions, and take my diet method mentor Mia sensei's program in a while. I may have ended to take the program to lose weight but to strengthen my way of thinking, I feel that's what I need to do.

I know I am easily inclined to do easy things for me so I need to bring myself in the situation where I have to do something. I contacted Mia sensei already. I also want to study nutritions for my family and students next year.