2021年の総会で流れた『Permission To Dance』も、コロナ禍においてメッセージがあっていいですね。じっくりと歌詞を聞き入りました。

I saw the news about BTS making a speech at the United Nations this year too. I am someone who doesn't know their faces and names, but when they got the 1st in billboard, I was awed. Asian group ranked in 1st in the States? Unbelievable. They dance and sing really well too especially when you look at Japanese idol groups... 

So I was listening to their speech in English through the interpreters. The them is about future and youth, so of course they were asked to talk about that, I know. But it's great that people like them who are really popular among the young ask getting vaccinated during the pandemic.

I watched the clip of Permission To Dance which they played at the UN 2021 General Assembly. It has a message about how to address the pandemic.