UGGのブーツ最強説/UGG Boots Warmest





I feel like I am talking about it too late, but the UGG boots I have are very warm. I bought the pair this season last year when I needed to go to Fukushima for filming. In Tokyo, I use them almost everyday. 

My feet are really warm when wearing them. When I go home from a public bath, I do not wear the socks any more but with bear foot, they are so warm.

When I cycle somewhere, I have my feet very cold in winter but the boots protect them. Since there were so many people wearing UGG boots and I tried not to get a pair until last year, but I now understand why there are so many purchasing their products.

I let my daughter wear when she went to Disneyland. I assured her she would be warm while waiting. I will make a very good use of it this winter.