311/Tohoku Earthquake3




On March 12, the morning bullet train was quite empty. I thought there were more people flocking out of Tokyo but I didn't see those people. Instead there were only men in suit to travel. Just like every other days. My husband came with us since he had many foreign coworkers and they followed their embassy's advice. Some may have decided to leave Japan for the time being. My husband could've left Japan if he wished.

Once arrived at Kyoto, it was completely different. People were having a regular day. There was no shortage of supplies in stores while we had empty shelves in Tokyo. People were not worried about getting contaminated from the radiation. Of course they knew about the earthquake in Tohoku and nuclear plant's incident so they would talk about it, but it wasn't a direct concern for them.

I stayed in Kyoto and Hyogo where my sister lives for a month totally, and the feeling I fled right away to the safety zone, the guilt, embedded in me for a long time. Like years after that.