311/Tohoku Earthquake1







It's been another year since Great East Japan Earthquake. It's marking the 12th year today.

11 years ago, that moment.

I came home from my daughter's a 3-month checkup and was breastfeeding her when I felt shakes. Mild earthquakes happen a lot in Japan so I was not paying much attention. However, the tremors became bigger than ever I felt. I once tried to remove her from me and of course she would be upset crying. I wait. The shakes stop. So I continue to breastfeed. Then another series of big shakes hit.

I realized something was wrong. Trying to get up but with the infant in my arms, I couldn't even get up. I ended up sitting in the same spot trying at least covering my daughter. That was best I could do.

After the shakes, I went out to the hallway of our apartment. I recall I talked to a few people who stayed home. Some said they would stay home but I went to the park in front of our apartment. I tried to call my husband and my parents, but there was no connection available. It was still quite chilly on March 11. There were daycare kids led by the teachers at the part for evacuation as I stayed there.

My husband happened to cycle to the workplace that day so it was lucky he could come home by bike in 30 minutes. After he came home, we stayed at the park for a while. I texted my parents we were safe and went home in, say 1.5 hours maybe, since there seemed no more big shakes.