311/Tohoku Earthquake2



I don't remember what we did when we entered the house. We probably checked if we could use the utilities and I might have cooked something to warm us. We turn on the TV we still had at the time, and lost words watching the tsunamis. It was in the evening or at night when my mother called me. I was able to receive phone calls. My parents didn't know Tokyo had as well a big earthquake till then and only knew with the text message I sent earlier. There was a big difference between us and Kansai.

I think by the evening, the report was saying there were smokes coming out of the nuclear plant in Fukushima. If there was radiation leak, we cannot see or smell it. Our daughter is only three months old. We cannot take a risk. I tell my parents we want to stay at their place for a while and they said we should, so next morning, we are on the bullet train heading to Kyoto.