311/Tohoku Earthquake4





I was worrying about my husband, who went back to Tokyo before us. Eventually I decided to go home as well since some radioactive substances' half-life were already past and the rest would take at least few more years.

When going home, Tokyo's logistics were back to normal. But there were many other parents worrying for their children to play outside besides me. I was careful for a while not to use the tap water even for cooking.

There were still the people living at evacuation place for a long time and while I felt it's so selfish to think I need to be careful in safe Tokyo but I was also determined I was the one responsible for our family. 

The earthquake affected me. I lived far from the area and have no relative living there. It's been 11 years. The people I talked for stories have said there will be no "same thing" back even the reconstruction goes on. The communities were gone. The people went to different places. Some of them won't go back because they have built their new lives somewhere else. We need to know that when we talk about having nuclear power in Japan.