アカデミー賞を受賞したことで興味が湧いた、『CODA コーダ あいのうた』を観に行きました。アカデミー賞の話を聞くまでは、聾唖者を親に持つ子どもをCODAと呼ぶことすら知りませんでした。




I went to see CODA. Until the Academy Awards, I didn't know about CODA meaning Children of deaf adult.

The movie is about the high school girl who can hear in the family interpreting for her family trying to figure out how she should pursue her life-- whether she should go after her dream or work for her family-- and with her family, they struggle to find out what's best.

There are a few moving scenes. But the most heart grabbing moment was when Ruby, the girl, auditioned for Barklee College of Music with sign language.

The movie tells us we all depend on each other. Help each other.