OKストア/OK Store


 安売りがウリらしいのですが、私の行った店舗は安いだけではなく有機野菜を置いていたり、他では見ない商品があったり。楽しみました。そして、確かに安いですね! 我が家の近所のスーパーも安いことが有名ですが、そこより安い品物が多かったです。


There is a supermarket chain store called OK Store. I knew about them but never went. My friend recommended me to go, so I went.

They are known for reasonable products. The store I went had organic produces and rare things I wouldn't normally find at supermarkets. I enjoyed shopping there. And they are cheaper!  The supermarket near my house is known for cheap products but many of them at OK were cheaper than that.

There were quite many people even though I went during the day weekday. I got a membership card too. I sure will go back.