T's たんたん/T's Tantan



 そんな折、T's たんたんというヴィーガンラーメンのお店に行ってきたのでご報告。もともと自由が丘にできたお店で、今は東京駅や上野駅にもあります。私は上野駅の店舗に行きました。

 こんにゃく麺を選んだところ、ものすごいこんにゃく感! 日中にいただく場合は普通の麺の方が食べ甲斐はあると思いますがこの日は、夜遅くだったためにこんにゃく麺に。スープは、肉を使っていないのであっさりしていましたが、十分美味しいと感じました。


Now two out of four in our family do not eat meat. It started when our older child decided not to eat meat after learning about the association between climate change and meat, especially beef. She had not liked eating meat for a while. I've preferred fish to meat too, and I realized the benefits of plant based proteins when losing weight. I hadn't eaten much meat anyway, so I joined her.

I'd like to talk about T's Tantan, a vegan ramen restaurant in Tokyo. They had their first shop in Jiyugaoka and now have their brunches at Tokyo Station and Ueno Station too. I went to the one at Ueno.

I ordered konnyaku (devil's tongue) noodles and it was really konnyaku! I think I'd like to have regular noodles during the day, but it was late at night so my choice was right. The vegan soup was simple. Not too rich because there is no animal broth, but it was tasty. It's a nice option to have since it's hard to find a vegan ramen place.