COTSUBU/ wireless earpods





My wireless earphones broke after two years of using them and I had been thinking which product I should go for. I am an apple user of a computer and tablets as well as my phone, so AirPods were an option.

I thought a lot but I decided not to buy anything too expensive because wireless earphones are consumables and you could lose them. So my pick was COTSUBU, the company called final has.

Why did I choose them? Because I saw them at a shop first and they looked small and handy. I checked some reviews and they were generally good, so I tried. 

They have many color options and I chose cream, the beige color. Unlike the previous product, they do not fall off from my ears. The previous one had trouble disconnecting sometimes and once it happened, it would keep disconnecting and when I used them at the gym, there was no way. I would need to use a wired one. So far, COTSUBU doesn't make it happen. The price is about 60USD, which is great. I am happy I chose them.